Beyond Binaries


Workshop: Intersex Identity and Rights: Debating Some Urgent Matters


On November 8, 2022 (from 14.00 – 17.00), an invited group of Dutch and European activists and researchers who work on intersex identities, rights, and spiritual care will come together to discuss urgent matters concerning intersex identity and rights in Western European societies. The aim of this workshop is to exchange information about modern western and Islamic legal attitudes toward intersex and gender-fluid people. Such debates will provide these organisations and activists with alternative, new materials from an Islamic perspective to legally, spiritually, and socially support (Muslim) intersex persons living in the Netherlands or other European societies; and will help the project obtain authentic information on lived experiences of (religious/Muslim) intersex people. These lived experiences will revise, diversify, and enrich the research questions. This way, the study will be able to more productively reorient and develop its reading and understanding of the Islamic legal texts on non-binary sex and gender people.

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